15 May

A Spanish proverb reads “El hoy está aquí, ¿mañana quién lo verá?” or there is no time like the present. People write me constantly on how to contact an interpreter or translator. Don’t they know I’m busy? Lo and behold five minutes proved me wrong.

One local agency sought an interpreter or translator to support a young Asian student who wished to become a linguist. Did I have time to meet with her? Unfortunately our schedules clashed but I referred them to other colleagues. Several months later the same agency contacts me to interpret. They thanked me for the referrals and wondered if I might interpret for them. Of course!

How many of you have thought, “I don’t have the time to help others?” I’d like to know your experience with a small gesture that turned into fruition. Good words to you today (with a shout out to John Ciardi).




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