24 May

Do you want to increase your client base? Join a local professional organization. Attend the meetings and participate in workshops. Write an article about your experiences for the newsletter. Even run for a board position. Then, host a workshop and network with other professionals. Sooner or later a job offer appears in your Email in-box. How do I know this? It happened just this morning.

Years ago my one of my mentors Rudy Hellar mentioned a way to generate business: work local. He served as Administrator of ATA’s Spanish Language Division and encouraged me to join a group and participate Rudy continues to do the same on a national level with the American Translators Association and locally with the New England Translators Association

So, I wrote an article for the ATA Chronicle after attending my first ATA conference in Los Angeles. Later I joined NOTA and became the Program Chair. Since then I served as secretary and am currently president. Another link occurs.

Back to Mr. Bacon. Last year NOTA hosted a workshop where Mario Chávez of presented. I open today’s mail and lo and behold, Mario referred me to a SP>EN translation job. Nice. In keeping with the Six Degrees of Separation theory, another client joins my list Nifty, eh? Please let me know how you wandered through similar passages to snag an assignment.

Good words to you today.


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