2 Jul

Sue Ellen Wright, terminologist extraordinaire, taught us to keep a running term list. Here are a few that came up in the last few weeks.

Interest, in the – of the children: en pro de los niños
Flunk, not pass, fail (class): reprobar, no pasar
Fight with: alegar con
Stipulated agreement: acuerdo de estipulación
deed of trust: escritura de fideicomiso
parentage: ascendencia
criminal, delinquent: antisocial
Bureau of Appeals: Junta de Apelaciones
Reopen a case: reabrir una causa
Closeted (gay or lesbian): No soy confesado/a.
Income Maintenance Caseworker: Trabajador de Mantenimiento de Ingresos
Hopeless, desperate, frantic: desesperado
Administrative law judge: juez de lo contencioso-administrativo
Administrative law: derecho administrativo

Good words to you.


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