13 Jul

We interpreters are professionals with a “specialized training and knowledge who uses these skills to further the public interest.”* Just yesterday a lawyer admitted how important that specialized training was. His client had an unskilled interpreter previously and wasn’t properly served.

A court called me to interpret for a child support hearing. Apparently a kindly friend stepped forth to interpret for a fellow at a previous time. Unfortunately she didn’t interpret everything said and gave legal advice. He obtained a transcript of the mentioned hearing and presented his concerns in open court. His client clearly didn’t hear everything said which is his right. This would set any attorney on edge.

I had interpreted for this lawyer beforehand so he knew qualified and certified folks only interpret and don’t sway from that role.
All the while I interpreted at lightning speed in the simultaneous mode, a requirement that some people struggle to meet. Mr. Lawyer thanked me for just interpreting and mentioned he spoke to colleague of the joy to work with well-trained language mediators.

Another office of the court realizes our training efforts and knowledge can facilitate the justice system. Who doesn’t like to hear a compliment? Click on the link below to learn more about the Ohio State Court Certification Program.

Good words to you.

González, Roseann Dueñas, Victoria F. Vásquez, and Holly Mikkelson. Fundamentals of Court Interpretation: Theory, Policy and Practice. Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 1991.

Ohio Supreme Court Interpreter Certification Program http://www.sconet.state.oh.us/JCS/interpreterSvcs/certification/default.asp

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