9 Sep

Kudos to Robert Beck, Esquire, Office of the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office. He regaled an attentive crowd with jokes and wisdom during a recent interpreter forum. Mr. Beck’s self-deprecating mood livened up the notoriously dry vocabulary of DWIs in Ohio. Click on the file below for terms that may or may not surface in your interpreting experiences. The (words in parentheses) are suggested Spanish translations.

Thanks to Adriana Fonseca, Charles Goodburn, Quincella Harris and Bruno Romero who were instrumental in bringing Mr. Beck to Columbus.

abort, the machine ought to –

abuse, drugs of –

acid ketosis

administrative law

administrative license suspension ALS

advisement, The court has taken motion under –

Amendment (enmienda)

amphetamines (anfetaminas)

appreciable impairment

apprehend impaired drivers

approach, Your Honor, may the interpreter -?

approach: search begins when he approaches a stopped car

artificial, false eye

at constant speed

BAC blood alcohol content

badges (placa)

balance, those drunk use both feet to maintain balance

banter, lawyers -ing


bond, the defendant can request a – to be set

breath test

breathalyzer (alcoholimetro)

Bureau of Motor Vehicles BMV

burp, wet – (eructo ?)

calibration check

challenge, the lawyer articulates what he’ll –


chemical, no – test required

chock, – full of information

closely, following too –

condition, medical -s

consequences (represalias)

contraband, – found in defendant’s vehicle

convict, study is based on people who have already been -ed

conviction: prior –

court reporter

cue: visual -s

data modem

deaf in one ear

defense attorney

delay, – blood test

detention n., legal –

dexterity, , physical –

digest: -s waste product (digerir)

directions, follow directions

dismount v. [motorcycle] (bajarse)

divided attention skills test

double jeopardy (doble enjuiciamiento)

download tests (descargar analisis)

draw, estimate BAC at time of blood draw

drift, predictive of excellent –

driving privileges, Hizzoner won’t give – –

drug, illicit or street –s

drunk driving


eligible, – to be used in Ohio

enhance:  -ed penalties

entry of plea, prior to —

environmental factors

enzyme, women don’t have the – to process alcohol

erratic movement

evaporate, alcohol -s at constant rate

evidentiary (probatorio) an – sidebar better be on the record

expense, to take blood test at own –

eye false eye, glass eye, lazy eye

eye should not stutter

fade v.

fallacy n.

false positive

field sobriety test

field sobriety test

file a motion

forensic toxicologist

Fuck you pig, I want a lawyer

gas chromatography

General Assembly, according to the – –

glassy eyes (ojos vidriosos)

go to your head, cocktails – to your head faster pyloric sphincter, – –  controls flow stomach to intestine

grant, Ohio gives -s to buy intoxilyzers

ground, specific -s for deportation

grounds, The officer decides if there are – to ask driver to exit vehicle

handcuff (esposa)

head injury

horizontal gaze nystagmus test

impair:, vigilance impaired by alcohol

impose: a judge appears -ing in robe

industrial road


infrared spectroscopy

inner ear

inner ear infection

inner ear: viral infection in – –

interfere: if the officer -s with your rights


intimidate v.

intoxicated, – per Ohio law

jail time: mandatory —

jumpy: isolate eye to catch smooth movement, not –


knowingly, Did he – waive his rights? (a sabiendas)

lack of smooth pursuit

laid back, a judge can be —

lane, drive within the –

lawful, there still has to be a lawful reason to stop the motorist

lawfully, – prescribed drug

lazy eye

lean, by -ing into turn

legal advice: don’t give – –

legal counsel

license suspension: every OVI involves a – –

licensure, – is a privilege

linger, products , can –

litigate v.

mace n. v.

mandatory, no – penalties

margin of error

mass spectrometry

medical personnel

merge, – into one punishment (acumular)

methamphetamine, crystal meth, crank (bikers carried in biker case)

mimic certain medications can nystagmus

mobile breath test station

modify, the prisoner requested a bond -ation

motion, vehicle in –

motions to suppress

mouth, by mouth (por via bucal)


negotiate turn

network card

ODADAS Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services

Ohio Department of Health

Ohio Revised Code ORD (Código Enmendado de Ohio)

one leg stand

open container, carrying an —

out the window, once you say not guilty, the chance goes – – –

over, people who tested – the limit

pan positional alcohol nystagmus

pass sentence, the defendant has absolute right to speak before the judge -es –

pat down, frisk, Terry was -ed down as known felon (registrar, esculcar)

PCP, angel dust

penalty, the judge must explain the -ies during the sentencing phase

per se

per se [by itself, by means of itself]

phase, instructional phase

phencyclidine: angel dust, PCP laced w/ marijuana

phenomenal, the absorption rate is –

physical control- – of vehicle while impaired

plea, expect a –

point, no -s on subject’s license

poorly educated

predictor, 65-77% accurate – of intoxication

presumption is rebuttal

pretrial conference (conferencia previa al juicio)

preview, Look, give me a – so I might interpret smoothly

privilege, driving –

procedural, – matters aren’t always on the record

procedure n.


punishment (castigo)

radio frequency interference RFI

rate, increased insurance -s

readout n.



record, for the – (para que conste en el acta)

refusal: prior –

restrain: police – or limit a subject’s liberty

Revise v.

revocation, – of a certain immigration status

right to refuse

roll, like marble -ing across sheet of glass

rule, That judge won’t – on it

ruling, evidence ruling (fallo probatorio)

run a light

run a stop light or sign

sample,  – consistent with breath of deep lung air

scored and monitored (test)

security clearance, can affect – – of military personnel

seizure [Medical]: ataque convulsivo, convulsión

seizure v. (decomisar)

serve, the notice was never -d on my client

settle v., 90% of the cases settle

side bar

sidearm away from the subject

silent, he can remain – (guardar silencio)

soft palate, alcohol gets caught in the – – and denture

soluble, fat –

stage, that can happen at any –

stationary vehicle

statute, Ohio –s are identical

stop: police -; stop v.

stop: police –

stress n.

strobe light each police car has strobe lights


suppression hearing, – -s are argued in front of a judge

suppression, look at the – motion

swing foot to dismount

t-bone, the driver –d the poor lady (choque por costado)

Tail light, — moves back and forth in rocking motion

The fox knows many things, the hedgehog knows one.

thermal paper

together, hold feet together

tracking, check for equal tracking.

traumatic brain injury.

trigger v., the conviction -ed a super DUI

try, the defendant has the right to try his case (jugzar, enjuiciar)

twitch: involuntary -ing of the eyes

undocumented, – worker

up front, defects have to be dealt with —

urine phobic: some officers are – –

valid: How soon will the test be -?

violation, it’s better off to not have an – violation on your record

volatile, alcohol is –

waive, the judge personally inquires if she wants to – her rights

walk 9 steps, turn, nine steps back up

walk the line: caminar de gallo

waste product, breath is a – –

way, driver headed the wrong –

weave, -ing predicts DWI on a motorcycle

yellow plates


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