5 Feb

Terminologist extraordinaire. Dr. Sue Ellen Wright, taught us years ago to archive terms. She teaches at the Institute for Applied Linguistics at Kent State University appling.kent.edu. I maintain a list that stretches to more than seventy-two pages. Here is a small sample. Thanks again. Dr. Wright.

Pacifier: chupete, chupón, chupo, chupa

Pre-term labor: nacimiento prematuro

Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: fibrosis sistemico nefrogenico?

Chronic myelegenous/myeloid leukemia: leucemia mielógena/mieloide


Cardiac catherization: cateterismo cardiaco

Parched (lips): reseco (labios)

Cracked (skin): agrietado, partido, reventado (piel)

Whey: suero de la leche

Abrasion: excoriación

Tedious (work): tedioso, fastidioso

Underage drinking:  consumo de alcohol por parte de menores

Gastric bypass (bariatric): derivación gástrica

Bite: mordisco

Anguish, distress: angustia

Stare: mirar fijamente, le clavó los ojos

Palpate (for medical exam) v.: palpar

Body mass index: índice de masa corporal

Stroke:  derrame cerebral, ataque de parálisis

Prune: ciruela seca/pasa

Mold: moho

Lenses (cataracts): cristales

Iron deficiency anemia: anemia ferropriva

Become cancerous: convertirse en canceroso

Choking: atragantamiento

Shortness of breath: sensación de ahogo

Remove (polyp): extirpar

Last, that –s more than a week: que perdura más que una semana

Pubic: (vello) púbico; (hueso) pubiano

Tube, duct, canal: conducto

First aid worker: médico soccorista


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