15 Feb


The National Center for Interpretation offers an advanced skills-building workshop in Louisville, Kentucky, March 2-3. Increase your chances to pass the oral portion of the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Exam. Practicing interpreters may to attend in order to maintain and improve their knowledge base. See the description below for details. Follow this link for more information

If you’re interested, please don’t delay in enrolling.  The training could potentially be cancelled if enough people do not sign up – the date of no return looms ahead.  Don’t hesitate to contact me, Joshua Elliott, directly if you would like more details.

This workshop provides 16 hours of preparation exercises to successfully pass the oral portion of the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination. Learn exactly what to expect during your test and how to best prepare for the most challenging portions.


In class, two simulations of the oral exam are administered while you record your renditions. You will have the opportunity to share your recording with the group and your instructor to receive personalized feedback about your performance. Detailed review of acceptable and unacceptable terms and renditions is conducted on each portion of the simulated exams. Also covered are self-rating techniques, so that you can learn how to evaluate your interpreting performance while practicing on your own.

See you in Louisville.

Joshua C. Elliott, M.A.

Supervisor – KY AOC Spanish Interpreting Division

Federally & State Certified Court Interpreter

Certified Health Care Interpreter™

Core Faculty – Agnese Haury Institute of Interpretation

Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice

600 W. Jefferson St., 1st Floor, Room 1041

Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 235-4152


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