25 Feb


I’m no John Ciardi, but fondly remember his sign off on NPR broadcasts: Good words to you. Here’s a few legal terms that cropped up this past week while I interpreted on the phones. I can recommend Thomas L. West III’s Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business as a reliable source for verification. Enjoy.


Child Support Enforcement Agency: Autoridad de Manutención de Menores

creditworthy: con capacidad de pago, solvente

Depreciation: amortización, depreciación

Domestic support obligation: responsabilidad de manutención familiar

Don’t cry over spilt milk (it’s no use): Lo hecho, hecho está; Una vez muerto el burro, la cebada al rabo.

Financial solvency, credit rating, credit standing: solvencia ecónomica

FMLA Family Medical Leave Act: Ley de Ausencia Familiar y Médica

Fringe benefit: incentivo,complemento/extra

Having weapons while under disability: posesión/portar/tenencia de armas bajo acusación formal

Health care (Esp): atención sanitaria

Intake (agency, medical facility): admisión

Intake screening: investigación de admisión

Mesh screen: redecilla

Negligence, inertia (slacker, lazy): desidia su – había empezado a afectar a los demás empleados his lax or slack attitude had begun to affect the rest of the staff; la – que lo invadió; the feeling of total apathy or not caring at all which took a hold of him; se echó con – en el sofá she flopped lethargically on the sofa

notario público: civil-law notary

notary public: funcionario certificador, certificador

Ravine: barranco

Run away from home, runaway: abandonar el hogar, escaparse de la casa

Runaway n.: fugitivo/a

Screen (window, door): tela metalíca

screening (for admission to a facility, program): investigación

Slovenly (habitually untidy or unclean; not neat in appearance; unkempt): desaliñado n. slovenliness: desaseo

Turn to, turn to drugs: inclinarse al vicio

Whereas: considerando que





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