1 Mar


Years ago professors and my first husband encouraged me to join professional groups. Little did I realize this proved sound business advice. At first blush the fees seemed high, yet that money brought friends, business acquaintances and a greater respect for the self-employed businessman and businesswoman.

Here are few benefits that I reaped from joining groups.

-Discovered the ability to write articles and gave back to the profession

-Developed an online presence through service directories that easily covered the cost of membership

-Networked with like-minded career people throughout the world

-Attended workshops to keep current with evolving technologies and trends

-Became a public speaker to educate the public about interpreters and translators

Years ago a colleague at Kent claimed that ours is a career of isolation. In Spanish they say “Vida sin amigos, muerte sin testigos/Friendless in life, friendless in death.” Since I joined professional groups, I venture far beyond the pixels of Miss MacBook Pro, both virtual and in person. Why not pull out the checkbook and join? Sorry … I meant to say, pull out the credit card and complete that PayPal transaction. Here’s a shout out to a few professional groups.

American Translators Association

CCIO Community and Court Interpreters of the Ohio Valley

Northeast Ohio Translators Association

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

National Council on Interpreters in Health Care

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