4 Mar


I interpreted over the phones for years and heard many descriptions of auto accidents. “What street were you driving on? What were the weather conditions?” Each time I try to visualize who was where when what happened. The other day a claims adjuster stumped me with “Was the fender damaged?” For the life of me I couldn’t picture where on the car the fender lies. I didn’t spend my youth huddled under hoods in search of the perfect spark plug. I scooped banana splits at Barnhills, a local ice cream parlor.

I hurriedly searched Holly Mikkelson’s “The Interpreter’s Companion” for the right word. What was probably seconds seemed like hours to me. How could I forget such a simple word?


Here is the culprit with other words that may fly across the wires. Enjoy.

Administrative law judge: juez de lo contencioso-administrativo

Administrative law: derecho administrativo

Administrative offense: infracción

Bumper: defensa, parachoques, paragolpes

Bureau of Appeals: Junta de Apelaciones

Caption: título; epígrafe

Cattle rustling: abigeato

Caulking: enmasillado

Chain of custody form: formulario/hoja de secuencia de custodia de documentos

Closeted (gay or lesbian): No soy confesado/a.

criminal, delinquent adj.: antisocial

deed of trust: escritura de fideicomiso

Domestic support: manutención familiar

Even, he felt so desperate that he – contemplated suicide: Desesperado, llegó a pensar en el suicidio

Fender: guardabarro, guardafango, guardalodo, guardapolvo, salpicadera, salpicadero

Fight with: alegar con

Flunk, not pass, fail (class): reprobar, no pasar

Gunpoint, at : a punta de pistola, encañándole

Holdings: el conjunto de las propiedades o inversiones de una persona

Hopeless, desperate, frantic, freaked out: desesperado

Income Maintenance Caseworker: Trabajador de Mantenimiento de Ingresos

Interest, in the – of the children: en pro de los niños

Lost wages: pérdida de remuneración

Pamphlet: (informative) folleto; (political) panfleto, volante

parentage: ascendencia

Procure (minor): lenocinio

Quarter panel: guardabarros, salpicadero

Remove from job: suspensión de funciones

Reopen a case: reabrir una causa

Stipulated agreement: acuerdo de estipulación

Underage consumption: consumo de alcohol de menores de edad

Unlawful restraint: detención ilegal/arbitraria


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