2 Apr

We interpreters battle to say the right word at the right time. Also an intervention for clarification or repetition helps the conversation to flow smoothly between patient and nurse. Today’s saying reads “Better one word in time than afterwards two/Es mejor una palabra a tiempo que no después dos.” Perhaps this list will help deliver on time. Enjoy.

Attending doctor: medico adscrito

Bone spur (osteophyte): osteófito, “pico de loro [parrot]”

Coil: resorte de espiral

Cotton ball: torunda

Detoxification: desintoxicación (ask for clarification, might mean nausea,


Embolism: embolia

Evaporate v.: evaporarse

Express v.: exprimir, sacarse (leche materna)

Hardware (Medical): aparato, dispositivo

Hematoma: sangre molida

hysterosalpingography: histerosalpingografía

Insole, insert (Podiatry): plantilla

Let down, disappointed: decepcionado

Medical insurance: plan médico

Methotrexate: metotrexato

Piercings: aros, perforaciones (de la piel)

Pointed or sharp: puntiagudo o afilado

Probe n. v.: sonda, sondar

Purgative, laxative: purgante

Sarcoidosis: sarcoidosis

Sharp (pain): puntiagudo

Shin: espinilla

Split one’s head open: descalabrarse

Staph: estafilococo

Swab, cotton swab, Q-tip: hisopo, bastoncillo de algodón

Thin blood: sangre delgada

Wash rag, face cloth: manopla

Zucchini: calabacín, calabacita

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