15 Apr

I send you spring greetings from North Canton, Ohio AKA the Midwest. Windows wide open and traffic rumbles by. Today’s list runs the gamut from high register to low. Such is the job of a court interpreter. Sometimes I write out a sentence with the word or jot it down four or five times. Eventually “causales” comes to the lips as quickly as “no tengo ni idea.” Enjoy.


admit into evidence: aceptar como prueba

ambush: emboscada

bankruptcy estate: sucesión de quiebra

boarding house: casa de huéspedes

charge (crime): encausar, imputar

consequence, after effect: secuela

corporal (Military): cabo

deprive (freedom): privar

derive, – from: base, -d on: a base de

disbar (attorney from bar): desaforar, exclusión del foro

entitled: con derecho a

estate: sucesión

estimate v.: calcular

feet, I’m back on my feet again: recuperarse

fun, poke – at, make – of: mofarse

grounds: causales

hint: pista, indirecta

insurmountable: (difficulty, problem) insalvable, insuperable; (barrier) infranqueable

interest in a property: derecho relativo a una propiedad

kidnap, abduct: raptar

lay off: terminarse, se terminó el trabajo

legally binding: responsable legalmente

licensee: concesionario, permisionario

parenting class: curso de paternidad responsable

parenting skills: habilidades de paternidad responsable

putative: putativo

register (vote): inscribirse

reluctant: reacio

suitable: apropriado, adecuado

sum and substance: la totalidad y el fundamento

time share: multipropiedad

wound, damage (position), hurt, violate (law): vulnerar


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