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Grab a coffee and a little dinner or treat and join us for an evening of networking, camaraderie, and discussion over interpreting issues in our community.  It will be great to meet each other and share valuable input about our profession. During this session we will focus on simultaneous interpreting with a workshop style meeting.

Date:  Monday, October 21st

Time:  5:30-8:30 p.m

Location: Panera Bread

5090 Tiedman Rd.

Cleveland, Ohio

5:30-5:45 Check-in.  Meet and greet other interprets.  Updates on events

5:45-6:45 Simultaneous Workshop

Group Activities

(Games and activities could be language neutral.  This will depend on attendance. Groups will be divided according to languages. Please bring a recording device and a notepad and pens of different colors if possible)

6:45-8:00 You will find different stations with great review activities for Simultaneous exercises.

8:15  Adjourn

OUR MISSION is to bring together community, court and medical interpreters in the state of Ohio; to advocate and promote the interpreting profession and the ethical and professional standards of interpreting; to provide a forum for discussion of interpreting issues among interpreters, agencies, organizations and individuals who contract for interpreting services; to publish information for its membership and interested parties; to organize and conduct courses and workshops for training and continuing education of interpreters; to hold regularly scheduled meetings; to serve in an advisory capacity to interpreters, courts, attorneys, law enforcement, healthcare providers, agencies and organizations who contract for interpreting services, and other businesses and groups regarding issues related to interpreters and interpreting.

QUESTIONS? Contact John 330.327.2189 or


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