10 Dec

mother and childA BREATH OF FRESH AIR

Midst a high volume of calls and repetitive litanies of medical ailments, we telephone interpreters some times witness intimate moments. The other day a frantic mother phoned the local pediatrician with concerns for little Fernando. “He fusses and kicks and refuses to drink anything.” A kindly nurse assured mom that she could squeeze her in right away. “Mrs. Suarez, please hold while I consult with our nurse practitioner.” Automatically I pushed the mute button and waited for Clara Barton to return to the phone.

Immediately mom began to coo and purr endearments to her little one. “You’re the best baby in all the world. Look at your little fingers and toes!” On and on she encouraged and soothed in a sing-song voice. At one moment I felt as an intruder yet marveled at the innate wisdom of a mother who knew to bring little Fercho to the doctor as soon as possible. The remaining shift breezed along as I remembered Mrs. Suarez’ gentle ministrations of love and care.

What did you hear recently while on hold? Post your response here.


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