19 Apr

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Recently I had the good fortune to join the interpreter team at Akron Children’s Hospital. The Language Access Services program there offers LEPs live and virtual access to interpreters After years of working solo now I’m overjoyed to work with fellow linguists who share a passion for learning and collaboration. What good is information if not shared?


Part of the interpreting challenge for me is to not only interpret instructions to parents but also first understand specific therapy terminology. Even further almost anyone can rattle off the “correct” term. What happens when I have to clarify “failure to thrive” to a concerned mother or father? What is a “gross motor skill”, anyway? (A shout out to Jill who explained a diagnosis to me today before a session … don’t be afraid to ask the experts!) After years of court interpreting with more rigid parameters where I didn’t have the leeway to clarify so easily, medical interpreting allows the chance to use the proper term and intervene when appropriate to break down highly specific terminology. Check out the list and let me know your thoughts. By the way, how do you say “carry over”? Help me and others out with a post. Good words to you.

Pediatric therapy



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