29 Mar

Just last week a colleague clued me in on an in-house interpreter offer. Who turns down paid vacation days, health insurance and a set schedule Monday through Friday? At first blush the offer appealed, but after careful consideration (and an honest chat with my husband) I decided to drop the pursuit. My trusty Ford Focus gallivants from the NICU and concerned parents to pre-trial hearings for traffic offenses in Youngstown All in the same day. That totals over one hundred and fifty miles. The perk? Candy and apples.

Touch the Moon Candy Saloon on South Phelps in downtown Youngstown stacks treats floor to ceiling. All proceeds benefit disabled adults 100%. Want to savor Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer Barrels or Black Cow Delicious Chocolate Caramels? I’m talking true penny candy here. Touch the Moon offers Slo Poke Delicious Caramel, Black Taffy and Brach’s Milk Maid Royals. Back in the 60’s Dick and Liz (our parents) dropped us off at the Deuber Theatre with $.25 apiece: $.10 for the entrance fee and the rest for treats. John downed many a Chuckles Original and Tootsie Roll as the film rolled. Now the goodies resurface in 2015. Check out me and Stephen’s selfie.touch

Reason number two to work freelance: Ohio home grown fruits. White House Fruit Farm in Canfield, Ohio, sells fifteen kinds of apples from Honey Crisp to Jonagold. Care to indulge in a less healthy fare? Chomp down on a blueberry doughnut or let butter crème fudge melt in your mouth. Join the White House Fall Celebration this September and October. I learned to can sweet apple cider butter last year and regularly stop by after an appearance before Hizzoner in Mahoning County.

Of course I factored other pros and cons before the decision to continue freelance work. A regular paycheck, fewer miles on the road and one W-9 come tax time. Treats and goodies won out at the final tally. Can you freelancers out there share where travels took you? Thanks.

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