30 Mar

court interpreter


The Supreme Court Language Services Programs is accepting applications for the 2014 testing cycle. Follow the link below for applications that must be postmarked on or before April 4, 2014. For information contact Bruno G. Romero, Program Manager at 614.387.9403.


Prepare for the exams with links courtesy of Catherine Piña, Interpreter Services Coordinator at the Cuyahoga County Municipal Court. Catherine serves your community as the Northeast Representative of Community and Court Interpreters of Ohio

Catherine Piña





One Response to “PREP AND EXAM”

  1. charles goodburn April 6, 2014 at 6:55 pm #

    Hello John,

    I would like to send out to CCIO members and others a “link” or access to your “In The Middle” blog. (It’s a blog, right?) Can you send me information as to how to subscribe and a description of your blog that I might forward via email to interpreters throughout Ohio. I think your musings and promotions and comments are an excellent source for information and for an exchange of ideas for interpreters. I think you deserve a wider audience. (I don’t know how many people currently receive your postings.) Best wishes, Charles

    p.s. Thanks for your thank you card to Kim and I. I plan to join NOTA on May 3, for the Spring Workshop and Akron Museum visit. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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